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Where nature meets nurture

Our lodge is nestled in the hills of Napa Valley with attractions just a short walk or drive away. Indulge your senses at one of the finest, most renowned wine regions in the world. The cup runneth over with things to do and flavors to savor in Napa Valley.

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Napa Valley Wineries

From intimate settings to outdoor experiences, Napa Valley provides wineries that will feel like home. Enjoy balance in flavors from the many wineries that make up Napa Valley and take in the the history, landscape, culture and company of this unique location. Remember that some wineries have restrictions limiting the number of guests that visit each day, so make sure to plan ahead and schedule your tastings today. 

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Wellness All Around

Weave through our verdant valley in a wine train or soar above hundreds of acres of vineyards in a hot air balloon. From lounges and wineries to nature trails and golf courses, our Napa Valley attractions strike the perfect balance between riveting and rejuvenating.

Activities for Body, Mind & Soul
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The Taste of Luxury

Our Napa restaurants put on a master class in fine dining, and every bite reminds you of the fresh ingredients harvested from our fields every day. Walk to a wide range of dining, from Italian and Indian to French and Mexican, or drive ten minutes to one of the bakeries in Yountville.

Dining In Napa Valley